Fresh water from Fiji

Fiji Water Today, i try the famous Fiji Water, and i like it; is so fresh and have a nice taste.  Plus, the bottling process is specifically designed to prevent the water from coming into contact with man or even the atmosphere until the cap is opened. This designer water It worth the price.


2 Responses to “Fresh water from Fiji”

  1. Jan Berman Says:

    I have been drinking this water for several years- I could SWEAR that when I began buyin it, the packaging was the same, but the name was FUJI water.

    When and why did it become FIJI water? Or am I crazy….

    Please put me out of my misery and confusion. Thank you. Jan

  2. kavlex Says:

    I do not remember some bottle with FUJI Water tag but maybe there are copycat bottles in the market.

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