The Libertine

The libertineA time a go i saw The Libertine, a Laurence Dunmore movie with Johnny Deep and John Malkovich. I like this movie, a superb Johnny Deep performance with a good history.

The Libertine is about the life of John Wilmot the Earl of Rochester and the way of life in the England of 17th century. If you like dark movies with no happy endings you must see The Libertine.


3 Responses to “The Libertine”

  1. imtheotherdave Says:

    Aaargh, do not mention this film please. I bought it after its delayed release because of this Depp fad along with The Boy Who Cried. The Libertine is an awful film, it is as if they got bored in the editing room. And that grainy filter throughout? Why? It is like something a faux-Goth band would employ on their music video.

    Depp’s performance is unquestionably good though, he must have felt cheated by the end product.

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