Violence in Monterrey

Yesterday four people were killed in the streets of Monterey including a chief police officer. At least 20 police and ex-police officers have been killed in drug violence this year in Monterrey. When are going to stop the killings in this city? What government is doing ? 😦

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3 Responses to “Violence in Monterrey”

  1. Tramoz Says:

    I should ask, what is the USA government doing to control its citizens from consuming so many drugs?

    Monterrey wouldn’t have these criminal statistics if we didn’t have the number one drug consumer in the world as a neighbor country.

  2. Bloggers ante la violencia | RegioBlogs Says:


  3. kavlex Says:

    More and more…
    Ejecutan a comandante y a agente policiacos en NL.
    This is so sad. 😦

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