Nacho Libre this summer

Nacho Libre is a terrific comedy movie that you must see this summer.

“Nacho is a young man who was raised in a Mexican monastery in Oaxaca and now works there as the cook, and takes it upon himself to rescue the holy place from financial ruin by joining a local Lucha Libre tournament and becoming one of the ‘Luchadores’. Naturally, Nacho isn’t acting out of purely altruistic measures, as he wishes to help Sister Encarnacion , a beautiful Mexican nun who has recently arrived at the monastery, as well as the gaggle of young orphans who live there.”

 nacho libre

More information:


2 Responses to “Nacho Libre this summer”

  1. aceram Says:

    una super recomendación, el podcast de Nacho Libre:

  2. rockwatching Says:

    Looks kind of funny, probably a bit like “Napoleon dynamite”. Love movies where people make fun of themselves.

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