No more Starbucks coffee.

A long time a go, getting a cup of coffee at Starbucks was great; good coffee, good atmosphere, good installations, interesting people, personalized attention, nice seats and decoration. Now getting a cup of coffee at Starbucks is vulgar. No more good coffee so much people, trivial conversations, mechanized “personal attention”. Clone by clone every Starbucks is the same decadent scene. Sadly I say good bye to and old friend called Starbucks. Now I’m in searching of new options, a fresh coffee shop that gives good coffee and good atmosphere. Some ideas?

no more starbucks


One Response to “No more Starbucks coffee.”

  1. Foka Says:

    La neta es que nunca me ha gustado el cafe de Starbucks, siempre se me ha hecho hiper fresa, prefiero un cafe del Jarocho, un cafe de un “changarro” x de la Condesa, incluso, comprar un cafe en cualquier super 7 y tomarlo por x calle un Sabadabas o un Dominguin. Esa es mi opinion muuuuuuy personal.

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