Girls are dangerous

This weekend I saw two movies, one is High Tension, a horror flick about a serial killer, pretty good movie with an unexpected end. I recommend you to see the movie in the original language (French) and the uncut version. The other one is Prozac Nation with the participation of Christina Ricci, if you have already read Elizabeth Wurtzel homonym book, this movie is so boring. But if you have not read the book, is kind of an interesting movie about depression and drugs. Lesson of this weekend: “girls are dangerous”.

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2 Responses to “Girls are dangerous”

  1. saskia Says:

    well, i like more the terror movies or romantic comedies, i didn`t like depressive movies, but maybe i’ll read the prozac book.

  2. appzuh Says:

    mmmhhhh more drugs???, no thanxs, serial killer horror picture???, of course, yes I like it!!!!…

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