Be consistent

Take the steps needed to achieve your goals consistently.

Why does this work? Why can we do something hard if we only do little easy things every day?

Well, it’s the power of compounding. Just as your savings compounds year after year as you save, so do your personal accomplishments. At first the increases are very small because your dont have any principle built up. At first when you work on a new goal, it feels like your tiny steps are soooo tiny that you are going nowhere. Unfortunately this is the most tempting time to quit and to stop being consistent because the results seem so infinitesimal.

Doing a little bit, repeatedly, for the duration (usually forever) that’s what consistency is. Telling yourself that you’ll do a little bit each day is much less overwhelming than making a five year goal.

Keep the idea of compounding in mind when you start a new goal. You need to be very patient in the beginning while the gains seem small in order to give compounding time to kick in. Don’t quit during this stage! Once the compounding improvements start you will be amazed at your progress.


One Response to “Be consistent”

  1. adita Says:

    I think there’s two kinds of goals, goals that you want to realize in a long period of time, or goals that you want to make in a short period of time. Both need the effort everyday to reach the goal. But i`m agree about to make small things every day to reach your target.

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