Time of free love.

If you have been hiding from love I can understand where You are coming from, If you have suffered enough I can understand what You are thinking of I can see the pain that You are frightened of.
And I am only here to bring you free love let’s make it clear that this is free love no hidden catch no strings attached just free love.
I have been running like you now you understand why I am running scared I have been searching for truth and I haven’t been getting anywhere.
Hey girl You have got to take this moment then let it slip away let go of complicated feelings then there’s no price to pay just free love.


3 Responses to “Time of free love.”

  1. adita Says:

    free love is optional, endless love, don´t

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Free love kicks ass, Endless love stinks

  3. governmentsucks Says:

    That poem really speaks to me. It says that love sucks all together.

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